Finnleo Infrared saunas are on the cutting edge of sauna technology. They offer relaxing muscle therapy without as harsh of a heat as is found in traditional saunas. They will not only help to relax your muscles, but they will also help to detoxify your body, relieving aches, pains, and stress. They are also safe to use with children and provide a fun and relaxing family activity. 

Finnleo uses what they call Pure Infra Technology in all of their infrared saunas. This means that it produces the lowest EMR + EF of any sauna on the market. It also provides a more even heat across your whole body compared to other brands on the market. These easy to operate and highly efficient saunas are simple to use as well. All that is required is a standard wall outlet and they heat up to your desired comfort level nearly instantly. 

Contact us to day to set up a test of the three person model that we have in the showroom!

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