Loaded Wichita1
Loaded Wichita2

Load it up! The Loaded Wichita adds our three most popular options: cooking door counterweight, heat management plate & 2nd level slide-out shelf. To maximize your cooking experience. The Loaded Wichita boasts over 1600 square inches of total cooking surface. Precision crafted, the Wichita's dual-damper draft control system produces professional results–regardless of your level of experience. From the backyard to large gatherings–or even competitive events–the loaded Wichita will build your reputation as the neighborhood pit-master.

Cooking Surface
.... 1610 Sq. Inches
Two 19.75"x19" Cooking Grates in Main Chamber
14.5"x36.5" 2nd Level Silde-Out Shelf
19"x18" Cooking Grate in Firebox
Overall Length
Overall Height
Overall Depth
(Including Front Shelf) 
Weight  591 lbs. 
Loaded Wichita3
Loaded Wichita4