2000 Hot Spring Jetsetter **SOLD**



This 2000 Hot Spring Jetsetter packs a whole lot comfort in a small package. It comes loaded with all of the premium features you have come to expect from Hot Spring Spas including 100% no bypass filtration, ozone to help sanitize, Moto Massage jets to cover your whole back, and a premium cover lift. Don't let it's age fool you, this spa has A LOT of life left in it. We have dozens of spas in the field that are over 35 years old and still preforming great. 
-3 Seats with different combinations of premium jets in each

-5'2" x 6'10" x 29" deep

-Blue textured shell w/ Redwood thermal plastic cabinet

-Lounger w/ 6 jets including a Moto Massage jet

-1 Jet pump w/ individual jet control

-Single main light

-Indicator lights to show you that the spa is ready to use

-3 individual filters for a total of 90ftof filtration

-100% no bypass filtration for the easiest water care possible

-Freshwater III Ozonator to reduce chemical usage

-Includes a cover, premium cover lift and start up chemicals