2003 Hot Spring Grandee





This 2003 Hot Spring Grandee is an incredible value! It comes loaded with all of the premium features you have come to expect from Hot Spring Spas at a fraction of the price. It is a local trade and was well cared for. It's large seating capacity allows you to fit all of your friends in while it's lights and premium jets allow for a phenomonally relaxing experience for even just one or two people. This tub won't be around long so call us today! 
-7 Seats with different combinations of premium jets in each

-7'7" x 8'4" x 38" deep

-Pearl shell w/ Redwood thermal plastic cabinet

-2 Jet pumps w/ full individual jet control

-Blue LED light

-Indicator lights to show you that the spa is ready to use

-Auxiliary panel inside of the spa to control the jets and lights

-Step/Cooldown seat to make getting in and out a breeze 

-5 individual filters for a total of 150ftof filtration

-100% no bypass filtration for the easiest water care possible

-New cover

-Includes a premium cover lift and start up chemicals