YS640 Competition Cart


Our well respected and popular YS640 is just at home on the competition circuit as it is the back yard. The cooker's main body and electronics are all the same, but when you add the competition cart and stainless steel prep shelves, it becomes even more versatile and markedly more maneuverable - perfect for someone competing at a different venue every weekend. The competition cart has 8" pneumatic casters, two of which lock the cooker into place, and a set of tie-downs to keep it immobile in your trailer. 

Cooking Surface 
1,070 Sq. Inches
Two 16"x20 Cooking Grates in Main Chamber
   15.5"x28" 2nd Level Slide-Out Shelf
Overall Length 
(Including Side Shelf)
Overall Height 
Overall Depth 
(Including Front Shelf)
Hopper Capacity 
20 lbs.
418 lbs.
YS640 diagram
YS640 diagram